New Designs


Height 750mm base 180mm

Cast & Carved. Cast using crushed marble ( approx 80%) lime and polymer. These handmade seahorse sculptural lamps are removed from the mould while still 'green' and hand finished so that each one is completely individual.
Seahorse Ash and Stone lamp

Ash and Stone Lamp

Height 700mm base 175mm

The West Country ash base is lightly bleached and sand-blasted to give a washed appearance. All of the handmade stones are fixed by stainless steel rod both to each other and to the ash wood base. As will all naturally built pile of stones they always stack a little differently – consequently each lamp is a bit unique.

The Clam Shell

This is a magnificent lamp, nearly one metre across, which was originally created for Jenny Blanc Interiors for an outdoor swimming pool in Barbados.

It's made from finely moulded resin and apart from the weight difference is very close in appearance to the real thing. The light itself is in the hand-blown globe and is designed to give the look of a glowing pearl. Beneath and behind the shell is a supporting cradle made from driftwood. Each cradle is held together by handmade dowels and each is absolutely unique.

The globe sits in an aquamarine piece of resin made to fit the individual contours of the shell the idea is that a bit of the sea has splashed into the clam.

Clam lamp

Driftwood Natural

Height various

The driftwood base is collected from the beach, cleaned and treated but otherwise is as the oceans and the beaches have sculptured it.
Driftwood Lamp