Ocean Wave
Ocean Wave Ocean Stones

Hand cast and hand washed stones made from crushed stone and lime. Each stone has unique qualities. Ocean Wave also comes as Ocean Wave/blue or Ocean Wave/ 3blue - natural stones are replaced the translucent aquamarine cast resin stones at an extra cost of £15.00 per stone.

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Individual handmade lamps especially for you.


  • 66cm high
  • 50cm wide (shade)

Atlantic waves pound the North Cornish coast, the waves trawl the stones back and forth on the beach grinding them over the years into sand  the process is relentless and those particles of granite, quartz, silica and many other minerals are reconstituted into our stones, into the stones that make up our lamps. Our stones have history. Our stones have rolled around in the waves of Cornish beaches for thousands of years being made, un-made and now re-made. Lamps are signed by the artist.