Brigantine Soren Larsen dressed as 'Endeavour' in 1982 for the filming of BBC's drama documentary 'Shackleton,' in the East Greenland pack ice.
Photo by David Raine

Welcome to Coast Lamps, Cornwall, where you will discover a charming blend of natural coast living and contemporary sophistication.

My love affair with the coast and the sea developed from childhood, there is salt in my blood – salt is a theme coursing through much of my work. The ocean and the ocean sky act as my inspiration and I’m very fortunate to each day be a part of this amazing world. I feel privileged to be doing something that I feel so passionate about and hopefully I can convey that passion to you through my work.

Five years ago I started Coast Lamps here in St Ives, Cornwall. I had a blank canvas. It was amazing fun. Cornwall is sea, coast, sky and rock. I developed a new and unique way of hand moulding stones using crushed stone, lime and polymer and these hand made and hand-washed stones became the basis of Coast Lamps. I love combining unlikely materials – playing with people’s expectations of what is usual in lamps and lighting. My work includes silk, concrete and acrylic as well as cast stainless steel and cast bronze. My lamps have a clear sculptural quality.

Nothing can be as outrageous as an Atlantic storm pounding the shore but that’s the inspiration that I work with.

I like to hold things, stones, shells – to let different types of sand flow through my fingers, coarse, fine, damps sand that clings, to get annoyed but enlivened with the wind and rain driving into my face. Cornwall is often raw. Elements flow together. They flow from the natural world to the more intimate world that I create in an attempt to bring the very essence of that to the interior of your home.

But I have not only combed beaches, for many years I sailed the oceans in square riggers mostly doing film work. As a partner, first mate and marine set designer I worked with Squaresail from the Arctic to the Indian Ocean, to America.

FILM CREDITS INCLUDE: Eric the Viking, Revolution, Without a Clue, Shackleton, Last Place on Earth, Crusoe, Treasure Island, Diary of Anne Frank, Pirates of the Caribbean, Chronicles of Narnia, Carry on Columbus.

Homepage background picture - Barque Kaskelot dressed as Scott's ship 'Discovery' for Central TV's Drama Documentary 'Last Place on Earth' 1984, Semerlik Fjord, East Greenland.
Photo by David Raine


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Wed Magazine

"The sublime selection of lamps from Coast Lamps positively oozes Cornish vibe. Handmade from all manner of natural materials, from stone and driftwood to glass, copper and Cornish tin, each design is unique, the strong sculptural quality making for a stunning statement in your living space."
Coast Magazine

Boathouse St Mawes, Cornwall
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" Lamp concrete and acrylic with torn silk shade by David Raine, Coast Lamps -"
Inside Cornwall

Ocean Blue by David Raine
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Pebble Soap Dish

" Available in marble,slate or granite tones, this pebble shaped soapdish is the very defination of feel-appeal. It's also very practical - heavy enough to not slide around your sink-top, and with a drain hole at the dottom to allow your soap to dry out and a tiny hidden tray that catches drips. For the full sea-shore effect, try combining it with the same company's pebble tea light holders."

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"Huge Aluminium bowl - a sculpture to keep your apples in."